Privacy Notice

At Maryland Guitar Academy, we prioritize transparency in managing your data. This Privacy Notice delineates the collection, use, and protection of your personal information.

1. What Personal Data is Collected and How Personal Data is Collected:

To enhance your experience, we collaborate with third-party partners, including NextRoll, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. The data collected includes:

  • Contact Information: Name, email address, and phone number when enrolling in lessons or events.
  • Payment Details: Processed securely without storing payment information.
  • Usage Information: Cookies and similar technologies are employed to understand your interaction with our website.

2. Purposes for Which the Data is Used and by Whom:

Your data serves the following purposes:

  • Lesson Management: Facilitating personalized guitar lessons and providing timely updates.
  • Communication: Sending pertinent information about lessons, events, and updates.
  • Internal Analysis: Aggregated data analysis to continually improve our services.
  • Ad Retargeting with NextRoll: Collecting data for measuring and analyzing traffic, displaying ads on third-party sites, and assessing advertising campaign performance. Hashed email data may be shared with NextRoll for cross-device ad recognition.
  • Google Analytics: Collecting and analyzing anonymous usage data to understand website traffic and improve user experience.
  • Google Ads: Running targeted advertisements to reach potential students effectively.

For more details on NextRoll’s technologies and capabilities, refer to their Privacy Notice. Additional information on Google Analytics and Google Ads can be found in their respective privacy policies.

3. How Visitors Can Control the Collection of their Data:

You maintain control over your data: