Engaging Guitar Lessons in Germantown

Guitar instruction for curious tweens and teens in northern MoCo.


It’s tough trying to learn guitar on your own.

Guitar apps and YouTube videos seem convenient enough, but then…

  • “This is hard.”
  • “I can’t make that shape with my fingers.”
  • “Why doesn’t my guitar sound right?”
  • “I’m just not talented.”
  • “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

The good news is you don’t have to watch your child struggle anymore.


We make frustration with guitar a thing of the past with:

Quality Instruction with Hands-On Feedback

Guitar lessons are about much more than sharing information. We teach proper techniques, expose students to new concepts and ideas, and give feedback and coaching every step of the way. No more getting stuck or being frustrated with the guitar!

Curriculum Filled With Your Favorite Songs

Follow a proven path to learning how to play the guitar. Broaden your musical horizons by learning your favorite songs AND great music you didn’t know about yet!

Interactive Tools To Make Practice At Home Fun And Productive

Technology is a great resource when learning the guitar as part of a structured lesson program. Reinforce the concepts you learn in class and make your practice at home a breeze!

We know how hard it is to learn guitar on your own.

Hi, I'm Jeremy Eikenberry

Hi, I'm Jeremy Eikenberry

Owner, Maryland Guitar Academy

I got my first guitar as an awkward middle schooler. The moment I pulled it out of the case I was so excited…until I actually tried to play.

This was before YouTube, so I picked up a guitar magazine and struggled my way through playing a few notes and chords.

It was so frustrating! I almost stopped right there and put down the guitar for good…until I found a teacher who could help me learn.

I soon discovered that there was so much more to music than strumming chords and singing songs. It was a positive and supportive community. I found my place and my people. I belonged.

Now 25 years later, my musical journey has taken me to places I never would have dreamed of…

  •  Performing on stage with pro musicians.
  • Playing a tour of Spain…including a stop at the top jazz club in Barcelona.
  • Winning Ashland University’s music department’s prestigious Outstanding Senior Performance award.


None of this would have been possible without great teachers who encourage me along the way.

Today, I have the honor and the duty to share what I have learned with the next generation of musicians.

Here are a few accomplishments from my students:

The 9-year-old who tried every activity because he never felt like he fit in. Now he loves coming to guitar lessons, and he’s doing great! He finally found his “thing.”

The middle schooler who constantly questioned her abilities and doubted herself. She has learned to acknowledge her progress, celebrate milestones, and set goals for the future…including being a great guitar player!

The 11-year-old who went from shy to loving music so much she started writing her own songs to play for her friends!

At Maryland Guitar Academy, kids have fun learning new skills and playing great songs. But beyond that, they grow as individuals…build confidence…tap into their creativity…develop independence…and learn to believe in themselves.

Learn more about our lesson programs:

It’s simple to get started.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Book a Discovery Call

It only takes 60 seconds! Find a time that works for you and your child. Schedule a call today!

Meet with Jeremy

During the Discovery Call, you’ll meet with owner Jeremy Eikenberry via Google Meet. We’ll discuss our programs and make sure we’re a great fit to work together!

Begin Lessons!

Enroll in a class and take the first steps to learning guitar and reaching your goals!

At Maryland Guitar Academy, we know you are the kind of parent who wants to help your child experience the joy of music while building confidence and believing in themselves.

In order for that to happen, you need to find the right way for your child to learn to play the guitar.

The problem is that even when using guitar apps or YouTube videos, it’s easy to get bogged down with too much information. It’s tough to know if your child is doing things the right way and to get the feedback they need to improve.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to figure all of this out on your own.

We understand how frustrating it is to figure out why your kid’s guitar doesn’t sound like the videos or why a string is buzzing.

That’s why we do much more than simply provide information in our classes.

We help students develop the right skills at the right time, which builds confidence, independence, and resourcefulness to thrive at learning the guitar.

Outside of classes, students have access to on-demand video lessons and interactive practice tools to reinforce what they have learned and help make practice at home fun and productive.

This takes away the pressure on mom and dad to figure it out and relieves the frustration of trying to do it on your own.

Here’s how it works:

First, click the button below to book your Discovery Call.

It only takes 60 seconds to find a time that works for you and your child.

Second, meet with our owner via Google Meet for your Discovery Call.

We know how important it is to find the right fit in a guitar teacher, and we want you to feel confident in making the right decision. We want to know about your child’s interest in music and any experience they have with guitar or other instruments.

We will discuss our lesson programs and answer any questions you have.

Third, begin lessons!

We will find a time that works for your schedule and get your child enrolled.

So click on the “Book a Discovery Call” button below, so you can stop your child’s struggle with YouTube videos and help them start thriving as a guitar player!



The Maryland Guitar Academy studio is located on Wildcat Road in Gaithersburg.

We’re close to local landmarks such as:

  • The Orchard at Doc Waters Cidery (22711 Wildcat Rd, Germantown, MD)  1 minute away
  • Butler’s Orchard (22222 Davis Mill Rd, Germantown, MD)  5 minutes away
  • Cedar Grove Elementary School (24001 Ridge Rd, Germantown, MD)  6 minutes away
  • Sally Ride Elementary School (21301 Seneca Crossing Dr, Germantown, MD)  8 minutes away
  • William Gibbs Elementary School (12615 Royal Crown Dr, Germantown, MD)  11 minutes away
  • Neelsville Middle School (1700 Neelsville Church Rd, Germantown, MD) 12 minutes away
  • Seneca Valley High School (19401 Crystal Rock Dr, Germantown, MD) – 16 minutes away

Maryland Guitar Academy has convenient access for students from Germantown, Clarksburg, Damascus, Laytonsville, Montgomery Village, and Gaithersburg.

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