Jeremy Eikenberry

Director, Maryland Guitar Academy

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Fostering Musical Growth at Maryland Guitar Academy

Jeremy Eikenberry isn’t just a guitar teacher. He’s a mentor guiding students on an exciting musical journey. With rich guitar experience of 25+ years, Jeremy’s teaching philosophy is built on embracing creativity, building confidence, and bringing people together with music.

Jeremy’s guitar lessons focus on the joy of creating music. Whether guiding a young beginner or an adult rediscovering their passion for music, Jeremy tailors lessons to each student’s unique interests and goals.

He is dedicated to making sure every student finds their music path. Guitar lessons with Jeremy are much more than just notes and chords. He aims to inspire a lifelong love of music, encouraging students to explore, experiment, and express themselves musically.

At Maryland Guitar Academy, Jeremy isn’t just teaching guitar skills. He’s helping to open a world of music and ignite a lasting passion in students of all ages.


Located on Wildcat Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland Guitar Academy has convenient access for students from Germantown, Clarksburg, Damascus, Laytonsville, Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, and surrounding areas.

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